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It's time to gather!  Sunday School started today!

Today, from 9:00 to 10:00 am, our church started discipling each other through wonderful conversations, navigating God's word and striving to apply its principles to our lives - at all ages. Please join us next week!

Sunday Youth Programs:

Amplify: Growing a faith that lasts

Children ages 5th grade through 8th grade

Lesson 1 of Amplify starts with understanding a foundation and how important it is for our life's foundation to be God's word. We will navigate conversations and study God's word and discuss how to follow through in living it out and applying it to our lives.

Spark: Activate Faith

Ages kindergarten thru 4th grade, in groups of k-2 and 3-4

Walks through the popular and helpful stories in the Bible to peak the interest of children in God's word.

And while your children are in our youth programs, please join one of our 2 adult Sunday school groups:

The Wired Word: uses online articles of things going on in our world and helps us to think about how biblical principles compliments or challenges the things we see going on every day.

Traditional bible study: uses a study guide format of learning God's word.

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