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2018 Jr./Chi Rho & CYF camp was a HUGE SUCCESS!!



We returned to Pictured Rocks in Monticello.  The Jr. camp had 2 cabins (1 boy and 1 girl).  ChiRho and CYF slept in yurts again.  CYF went canoeing this year.  This year was a new experience for us.  We did our own programming and traveled to two different sites for our camps.  We traveled into town to do some other activities.  Bowling one night and went to the city pool for an afternoon.  After pool time, we had a hamburger and hot dog cookout.  We also had a dinner buddy that night, to get the kids/adults to know each other a bit better.  It was an amazing interaction within our congregation.  Young and old alike enjoyed sharing and stretching not only their faith but also their strength; both mentally and physically.  We again did our own cooking, and it seemed to be a pretty good success.    


We would like to say a HUGE thank you to the congregation for their above and beyond support of this ministry!!  Many gave scholarship money and everyone sent prayers for our campers and staff.


We will be sitting down sometime to discuss this camp and discuss ideas for next year.  If you would like to have any input into the decision making, please let the church office know and we will keep you informed of meeting dates and times.  

Grandcamp (Grandparents & 4 yrs - 2nd grade)

PeeWee (1st - 2nd grade)

Wesley Woods, Indianola

Junior Camp (3rd-5th grade)

Pictured Rocks

Monticello, IA

CHI-RHO Camp (6th-8th grade)

CYF (9th-12th grade)

When you are ready to pay for your camp fees, we can take cash, check, Debit or Credit Card.  We have set up a square account to take money for youth events.  


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