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What are Wednesday all about? Here is tonight...

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:12-13a

Theme: Parts is parts

Would you eat a spoonful of flour? How about baking soda? Or raw egg? Why is it that we won't eat any of these things by alone but when mixed together we love the taste of a freshly baked cookie for example? Or why isn't our body made of all arms? Why isn't every part of our body a mouth? Or an eye? God created our bodies with different parts for a reason, some more useful for certain things than others.

This is similar to why God has created in each one of us something special. Not one of us is good at all things, but collectively a group of us are better at more things.

Have you really devoted yourself to God to seek Him and be the best you so that you can offer the best you to serve others?

Discuss with your child what that something special is about them. How can they use that to serve others?

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