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Our sanctuary was built in the mid 80's and seats approximately 220.  Like the rest of the building the sanctuary is completely handicap accessible with no stairs except for the stage.  

Familiy LIfe Center

The Family Life Center (Chalice Room) was completed in 2008.  It has a full size gymnasium with stage and soundroom, complete commercial-type kitchen, and handicap accessible restrooms with showers.

Fireside Room

The Fireside Room was a gift from the VanDusseldorp family in memory of Janette VanDusseldorp - Jones.  It was designed as a place for the pastor to meet with families for grief counseling, wedding consultation, as well as a small adult group meeting space.  The warm and inviting fireplace lends itself to an atmosphere of calmness and serenity.

Fellowship Hall

The Fellowship Hall is where "Fellowship Time" takes place before worship.  Coffee and treats are provided by volunteers and around the tables welcoming conversations take place.  In one corner of the hall "Grounds for Discussion" takes place twice a week. It too is a time of coffee and conversation!



The modern commercial-type kitchen is the backbone for many functions taking place in the church for both congregation and community.  During the floods of 2010 volunteers in the  kitchen provided daily meals for many of the residents and volunteers helping to clean-up properties in the town.  Weekly Wednesday evening meals, monthly pot luck dinners and many, many fundraising and celebration meals are prepared here.

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